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Main473 Von Hunterhaus, 39 dogs seized
German Shepherd Dog362 Please show me your WL gaiting!
German Shepherd Dog314 Where are Old style lines in America still available?
Main194 Puppy with weird head...anyone seen anything like this?
Main146 Dog Behaviorists
Sport/working Enthusiasts136 cattle prod
Sport/working Enthusiasts128 Another Attempt to Take Over the AWDF
Sport/working Enthusiasts122 Best Working Line Breeders
Sport/working Enthusiasts100 The end of Schutzhund
Rescues89 Beautiful Female Sable Working Lines GSD at Kill Shelter
German Shepherd Dog89 New to Forums - Need Clarification Czech Dogs
Main82 Tim Helser: Ladies' Man and all around good guy
German Shepherd Dog80 help..... i need advice on my two 8 month old german shepherd pups
Main75 GSDCA-WDA 2012 Financials
Main65 molly graf loosing court case for 18989..00 due to breach of contract in clearfeild pa....
German Shepherd Dog63 Genetic idiopathic epilepsy
Main61 New version of PDB coming soon
Sport/working Enthusiasts61 WDA (Working Dog Association) SUING THE GSDCA??????? HUH?
Training and Obedience58 Invisible Fence Installed-Rosé not Reacting as I Expected
Main57 my poor itchy babies
Main55 needing advice on purchasing a german shepherd
Sport/working Enthusiasts54 Rudy much respect to you
Sport/working Enthusiasts52 Pink Papered Import/Score Book for Trials
German Shepherd Dog51 Need suggestions for salve or ointment for abrasions on muzzle
German Shepherd Dog50 Timmy von der bosen Nachbarschaft
Conformation Showing50 Time for puppy critique- opinions welcome
Conformation Showing48 Post your dogs stacked pictures...
German Shepherd Dog47 I have puppy fever terribly! Anybody up for showing off their babies? :)
Sport/working Enthusiasts47 12 month old showing too much civil, any suggestions?
German Shepherd Dog45 Wanted...Update
Conformation Showing44 Opinions please
Main41 Open to all opitions on what to do with a dog that had bitten
Main41 yeast infections in ear?
Sport/working Enthusiasts41 kelpie feeding frenzy - yr pack do this without a fight???
Main40 Dog defends owner from police bravely
Sport/working Enthusiasts39 Advice on GSD Long Coat working SAR-any experiences or tips?
Main39 How many litters is safe? Age? Difference in geographic beliefs?
German Shepherd Dog38 Is this false or misleading representation?
Main38 I know two bitches living together is potential for a nightmare...
Training and Obedience37 Prong collar- at what age to start using it
Main37 Like or dislike?
Main36 Information on Breeding Dutch Shepherds
Newcomers35 Just brought a new German Shepherd home… need an assessment of this situation...
Main34 Torn ACL - Looking for opinions
Main34 Help! Quick kennel decking question
German Shepherd Dog33 Holy batman! Prices of dogs.
German Shepherd Dog33 Dog food….the HORROR
Sport/working Enthusiasts33 Interest in knowing about V Bruno vom Wallensener Hof
Main32 Manuka honey for go scars?
German Shepherd Dog32 UPDATE ON ICE.... HIP/ELBOW XRAYS
German Shepherd Dog32 Yellow vomit
German Shepherd Dog32 Looking for a kennel or line of GSD called Big Boys??
Training and Obedience32 choke chain harmful?
German Shepherd Dog32 My New Pup
Main31 ##%, ##%, Mega E not licked
German Shepherd Dog31 In Labor Now ... Long time between pups...
Main31 "Pet Peeves"
German Shepherd Dog31 Dog Hair Everywhere
Main30 Checking Validity of Titles, SV Hips and Kkl claims .. Germany, USA, Canada, other countries
German Shepherd Dog30 help me identify please if its a long coat (fluffy type) or normal coat german shepherd dog
German Shepherd Dog30 Let's see your dog's funny side, in pics!
German Shepherd Dog30 5 month old pup, down in pasterns/hocks. Any suggestions?
Conformation Showing29 2.5 year old bitch
Training and Obedience29 Disturbing: Growling at us when it's time to go outside.
Main28 Hip X-rays- then and now-9 yr old male update
Sport/working Enthusiasts28 Top produced working Gsd ever?
Main28 Female German Shepherd 56 days after first tie and not showing?
German Shepherd Dog28 Please drop a Prayer or 2 for Max
Main28 Puppy pup...snow pics from today
German Shepherd Dog28 What Do You Look For In Choosing A Puppy...
Main28 FCI Breaks under pressure.
Training and Obedience28 Dog Aggression from 10month old bitch.
Sport/working Enthusiasts27 resources for decoys, where can i go with this??
German Shepherd Dog27 Has any dog being feed a raw diet ever had bloat?
German Shepherd Dog27 promoting longevity by restricting motion
Main27 Anyone have any issues with Natural Balance dog food??
German Shepherd Dog27 just sharing a few pics
Main27 2 Years Gone....
German Shepherd Dog26 Question about dog eating something questionable - Need advice ASAP
Main26 What is your vaccination protocal?
Conformation Showing26 *** Do you reckon she is improving or not ***
Training and Obedience26 Stalking other dog while on leash
Main26 Update on Reverse Mohawk Puppy
Training and Obedience25 Second session
German Shepherd Dog25 Falcon K9
German Shepherd Dog24 tired of people who think they are experts
Main24 Cutting toenails
Main24 Asking for help from PDB friends for Cece
German Shepherd Dog24 Bi-color or not?
Main23 Puppies with hernia
German Shepherd Dog23 Old Pedigrees.....
Conformation Showing23 Comments required on Puppy
German Shepherd Dog23 How would YOU answer this e-mail?
German Shepherd Dog23 Javir - the necromancer; make this make sense
Main23 Demodex on 9 month old female pup
Main22 performance enhancing drugs for dog sports
Main22 Hips and Elbow Prelims (OFA) - Missing anything?
Conformation Showing22 Line Breeding n Cross Breeding Opinion Required ...

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