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Stærstu umfjöllunarefnin - Ár: 2015

ForumReplies Thread
German Shepherd Dog282 Workinglines vs Showlines
German Shepherd Dog159 Questions Re. Structure and Jumping
Main152 this is why the show world should be illegal
German Shepherd Dog128 Czech pedigree define???
German Shepherd Dog123 question
Main94 What would you do?
Main83 Best age to seperate
German Shepherd Dog72 Universal Sieger
Main69 Definition of pet vs. working
Main64 east european shepherd/russian shepherd breed??
Main64 Whelping Problem!
Main56 Plea For Help
Main52 Just shaking my head....
Main50 What would YOU do?? Import with heartworms?
German Shepherd Dog48 don t count out the showlines
Main47 Nature or Nurture ?
Conformation Showing46 Ibrahim...check this out
German Shepherd Dog46 Female GSD's.. Who do you like??
Main45 Looking for a Weimaraner
Main42 Got my bicolor Capri grandkid! :)
German Shepherd Dog42 Do Long Haired WLs exist?
Main41 6 Week old Aria & Boy & Beauty & Dallas Pups
Sport/working Enthusiasts40 GSD workingline Studs that most consistantly produce HIGH DRIVE offspring in U,S.A
Sport/working Enthusiasts40 Point Dogs
German Shepherd Dog39 What up and coming dogs are you watching and why?
Sport/working Enthusiasts37 decoying your own dog in defence?
Main36 Anyone feed Fromm? Too rich for GSD's?
Sport/working Enthusiasts36 What OFF breeds have you seen doing IPO
Main34 Eureka vs K-9 Kraving
Sport/working Enthusiasts32 Positive Sport Training
Sport/working Enthusiasts32 Bad Week for WDA
Sport/working Enthusiasts31 Excitabilty
Main31 Dog dies after being poisoned at Crufts
German Shepherd Dog31 dog fights
Main31 cost of service dog
Main31 What would you have done?
Sport/working Enthusiasts30 Leon von der Staatsmacht as a Producer ?
Main30 overagressive dominant pup
German Shepherd Dog30 Breeder concerns?
Sport/working Enthusiasts30 Muzzle Question for experienced owners
Main29 WGR/CZ PUP- Beauty Krasnoocko/Dallas vom Eisenherz
Main29 interesting read on line breeding
Main29 Incident at AKC agility show
German Shepherd Dog28 URGENT-needs competent eval ASAP
Sport/working Enthusiasts27 Opinion on Prospective Import from our local experts.
German Shepherd Dog27 Working line cross
Sport/working Enthusiasts27 RSV2000 Comes To Florida
German Shepherd Dog27 New to the forum
German Shepherd Dog27 GSD longevity
Sport/working Enthusiasts26 PPD or IPO prospect?
Main26 Stupidity has no limits
German Shepherd Dog26 Puppy Stacks
German Shepherd Dog25 Researching Her Pedigree..need help!
Siberian Husky25 Off Leash Siberian Husky Scarlet
German Shepherd Dog25 Police K9 GSD killed in Hemet, CA
Main25 Discussion of private forums. All members should read and participate.
Sport/working Enthusiasts25 Best working line Kennel in the world!
German Shepherd Dog25 Ques about breeder... PENDRAGON ACRES in FL
Main25 What do you think this dog is a mix of?
German Shepherd Dog24 Fleischerheim Kennels
Conformation Showing24 Do you mind to critique her?
German Shepherd Dog24 Working Line Colors
German Shepherd Dog23 Breeders like this....
Sport/working Enthusiasts23 another freak of nature mal, no not even bite-work.
German Shepherd Dog23 Stephanitz 1901
Main22 WILL my dog 'kick ass' for real?
Conformation Showing22 Conformation Evaluation
Main21 Border Collie Wars
Main21 dog posted on pdb does not match
Main21 dog can trot
Main21 questions on structure.
Belgian Malinois21 Puppy is GSD or Belgian Malinois?
Conformation Showing21 Over the Moon
Main21 Unprofessional Breeder
German Shepherd Dog20 What an accomplishment!
Main20 Itchy, smelly, scaly skin, I found a cure for my dog
Belgian Malinois20 SCAM
German Shepherd Dog19 Good publicity for the GSD by someone who knows
Conformation Showing19 Article for show line fanciers
German Shepherd Dog19 scare tactics...
Sport/working Enthusiasts19 can a flip finish be done without a butt scoot?
Main18 Quick vaccine question- Neopar & Neo vac D
Main17 Question on a solid black gsd puppies
Conformation Showing17 SOLD to the USA , your thoughts? sg16 bszs Karmen Feetback
Main17 Ad issue
Sport/working Enthusiasts17 New GSDCA and WDA Rumor!
Conformation Showing16 She's DONE!
Main16 Police K9 Handlers .. Collateral Damage and Poor Control
German Shepherd Dog16 No pictures in Firefox
Main16 Another Guess the Mix thread....
Main16 Please help
Main16 new rules for importing
German Shepherd Dog15 Diagnose Skin Disease
Main15 Hmmm article on invisible fences
German Shepherd Dog15 Von Der Vogel Haus
German Shepherd Dog15 Frozen/fresh chilled semen
Great Pyrenees14 The correct behavior in front of Lifestock guardian dogs
Main14 Question for Experienced Breeders/Owners: Is this puppy growing too quickly?
Main14 Hips Xrays opinions?

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